Friday, February 03, 2006

Day 2

Well, a few more additions (see links to the right) ... more links to come!

This blog's purpose is to bring Ukrainian music to more people. There are so many fabulous Ukrainian artists in Canada, the U.S., Ukraine (of course!) and around the world.

Thanks to the internet, it is easier for more people now to access it. And the Nash Holos blog is being designed to make it even more so!


blackminorca said...

Great new links - I like Nash Holos the best - the music archives mean Uke music whenever I turn on my computer.

Aussiegirl said...

Wonderful!! Let me be the second to add 'miy holos' to the wonderful site of Nash Holos here!! Welcome to the exciting world of the blogosphere. Looks like you have a beautiful site already set up. I'll be checking in regularly to see what's going on in the world of Ukrainian radio and arts. Thanks for the link -- you are being added to the Ultima Thule blogroll as we speak. Keep that Uke music coming -- there's nothing like it to chase those blues away!

Vitayu vas!