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Friday, February 24, 2006

Tourist attractions in Ukraine

I just came across a letter to the editor in the Kyiv Post from a reader bemoaning the state of the tourism industry in Kyiv. Seems it's run mostly by pimps and human traffickers, so there's not a whole lot of choice for well-rounded people with some, um ... intellectual capacity.

Hopefully someone will give him a heads-up to listen to Nash Holos ... in addition to GREAT Ukrainian music the program features travel tips by one of Canada's top experts on travel Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Myrna Arychuk, owner of Solaway Travel in Burnaby, BC, has been in the business for over 30 years and has a very devoted following in the Vancouver area and beyond. She knows lots of great tourist attractions all over Ukraine where you get to keep your clothes on ... and engage your mind as well as your senses.

Myrna also publishes a great travel mag called Solovei, which features all sorts of interesting "things Ukrainian" ... and East European. Subscriptions are cheap and great value.

And of course Myrna's tours offer outstanding value as well. She provides a personal touch and a depth of caring that is hard to find in any business. She's just gone through some business restructuring (used to be Cascade Travel) so her website isn't up yet. I'll post a link as soon as it's up, but in the meantime you can reach her or one of her very helpful and knowledgable staff at 604-430-6789 or toll free 1-877-430-6789.

Call and book a tour or subscribe to Solovei! And tune to Nash Holos on Sunday to find out about her upcoming tour to Greece and Poland!


Aussiegirl said...

Heavens!! What is the government thinking? Isn't there some department devoted to promoting tourism? What a picture to give the outside world of our great culture. Thanks for the information about the Ukrainian travel agency.

Anonymous said...

The government *isn't* thinking, that's the problem!

Neither about the welfare of its vulnerable female citizenry (the future mothers of its nation) nor about the potential of the tourist trade for the welfare of the entire country.

On second thought, perhaps government officials are thinking ... but if so it is obviously only of their own (immediate) welfare.

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