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Saturday, March 31, 2007

More on current unrest in Ukraine

Vasyl, who runs the UAmuzik blog, has been working on a film in Kyiv ... he's done editing the script and now needs to consult with a filmmaker. But, as he writes on his latest post, political unrest is getting in the way of their work:

As I walked from my apartment [Thursday] morning down Liuteranska Street near the Presidential Administration I experienced an extremely high presence of police and Berkut, special tactical forces, along Liuteranska in three buses on the street itself and a number of other buses parked in the courtyards behind the houses that line the street.

I felt like I had just returned to the time leading up to the Orange (R)evolution. I met the film maker and we introduced ourselves to one another. I told him a little about our company ... He explained his situation, gave me a synopsis ... and a promotional DVD of the film. ... I told him that my partner and I would take a look at it and see how would could help in finishing the film and how we would market it.

This morning [while having coffee at a friend's apartment] my mobile [phone] rang. It was the film maker, with a air of anxiousness in his voice."So what's your decision regarding my film?" I explained to him that I had only spoken to my partner and would only know today when he would return from L'viv and Ivano-Frankivsk.

"I guess I will see you out on the barricades today at 17:00," he said. As I watched the Nasha Ukraina meeting live on Channel 5 and read the ticker at the bottom of the screen "20 buses of Party of Regions supporters have gathered by the river port" I thought to myself. /Yes, it's going to be a tense day! /

Then I thought about what my room mate Myroslav Levytsky had said as I headed out of the apartment. "Stay out of the way of the cops! These guys are under different orders, and from different people!"

He was right. We are possibly on the brink of a different (r)evolution. ...

Full report posted here.

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