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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Moscow closing its only Ukrainian library

While Russians in Ukraine complain about their language rights, it certainly appears that Ukrainians in Moscow have just a wee bit more to complain about, since local authorities are planning to close...

... the one and only Ukrainian library in a city with an estimated one million people of Ukrainian descent. (This is not to mention that Moscow was founded by Yuriy Dolgorukiy, Prince of Kyiv, in 1147.) The library opened a year ago. ...

Full article here.

H/T to Ukrainiana blog.


Anonymous said...

Despite 10% of Moscow's population is ethnic Ukrainian and the majority population in former gulag regions is Ukrainian it is amazing that Russia will not allow Ukrainian language schools or libraries. Yet they demand that Russian be a recognized official language in countries that they attempted to destroy their language and culture.

Is this a civilized country?

I think not.

Pawlina said...

I didn't realize the Ukrainian population in Russia was so high. And typically, rather than complaining, Ukrainians tend to just adapt and get on with life.

Unfortunately, that means cultural survival is sacrificed for the personal. But, otoh, when it comes to survival, I guess it is personal.

And to answer your last question ... even tho it is rhetorical ;-) ... citizens living in civilized countries generally do not have to worry about mere survival.

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