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Monday, March 05, 2007

Political football update ... no change in score (Ukrainians still 0)

Another press release was just delivered into my email box regarding this bizarre situation.

This time Mr. Kenney is accusing the Liberals of "fibbing" on the Ukrainian redress issue. I must admit he does make a convincing argument. He even provided a link to the original agreement (here), in which he points out that it:

... commits "the Government of Canada to provide an initial amount of $2.5 million…" to the community. ...

After a few more swipes at the Liberals he points out that:

It was Conservative governments that have led the way on redressing past wrongs, from Japanese war time internment to the Chinese Head Tax. After thirteen years in power, the Liberals failed Canada's cultural communities, including the Ukrainian community, which only got more broken promises from the Liberals.

We can only hope that today's Conservative government is disinclined to break that impressive record by similarly failing the Ukrainian community.

Because it's not just the Ukrainian "community" that will benefit from this redress settlement. It is the entire country.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sad to say, but Mr. Kenney is right (excuse the pun) :) In fact he is quite right. :) :) (Couldn't help myself). Liberals had 13 years to do something and they still did not have time to finish it.

Don't they have special homes for the intellectually slow -- yes the Senate. The ultimate goal of a Liberal.

Lets see if the new kids on the block do better.

Disillusioned Voter

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