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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Love Ukrainian style - Erotic Symbolism in Ukrainian Folk Songs

Winnipeg ethnologist, translator, writer (and walking, talking encyclopedia on all things Ukrainian) Orysia Tracz will be giving a presentation at the Honchar Museum in Kyiv on Saturday, August 25, 2007 called:

Songs Your Mother Should Never Have Taught You? Erotic Symbolism in Ukrainian Folk Songs

Remember all those old Ukrainian folk songs you have been singing all these years, the ones you learned from your mama and baba? Do you really know what they're about?

The love song lyrics have special meanings, and are rich in deep ancient symbolism of a most interesting [sic] kind.

With an exhibition from the Museum's collections -- KOKHANNIA po-ukrains'ky / LOVE Ukrainian-style: Love Themes in Ukrainian Folk Art.

Details here.

Orysia tells me that people who have heard this presentation have told her that they blush whenever they sing the old folks songs now, knowing what the lyrics really mean. ;-)


Anonymous said...

ahh, it have to make to this side of the pond!

Pawlina said...

You really should go to see it, Olechko ... and make sure to tell Orysia I sent you! ;-)

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