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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No media consolidation in Canada!

It's a good thing we have the CRTC to ensure there is no concentration of media ownership in Canada, eh?

Rogers Media is paying $375 million in cash for the five Citytv stations that the CRTC ordered CTVglobemedia to sell late last week.

The purchase will further solidify the presence of Rogers as a major media player in Canada as it adds a national network of TV stations to its already extensive portfolio. ...

Rogers already owns several over-the-air and specialty TV channels, including OMNI Television, Rogers Sportsnet, the Shopping Channel, and the Biography Channel. It also owns 44 radio stations and a host of magazine titles, such as Maclean's, Chatelaine, and Canadian Business.

Full article here.


Breanne said...

Insanity! CityTV Winnipeg, the former A-Channel and before that I think it was MTN . . . they change ownership like they change their underwear. "Oy vey! Not again!" were my words when I read this article in the paper yesterday.

Pawlina said...

And isn't it interesting that it seems to be the same owners doing all the changing?

Good thing we don't have oligarchies in Canada, eh?

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