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Thursday, October 04, 2007

New blog sighting: Kovbasa and beyond

OK, I recently discovered this very interesting blog ... Kovbasa and beyond!

What makes it particularly interesting is its assertion that "kovbasa" is a new buzzword for "cool" and "hip" etc ...

Just remember, you heard it here first. ;-)

UPDATE: The blog above is no longer active and has in fact disappeared from cyberspace altogether. Weird, and sad... Hopefully, the server was just down at the time.


Anonymous said...

"kovbasa" (Ukr. for sausage) in modern usage usually means a lengthy and dull article, when you feel like saying nightie-night after a couple of paragraphs. Nothing "cool" here, I can assure you! Kovbasa-like articles are usually found in well-funded post-Soviet periodicals, especially in articles written by staff writers and dedicated to certain events meant to uphold the Editors'/sponsors' image, etc.
Please believe me: I know what I'm talking about.

Pawlina said...

Hmmm... obviously an example of a cultural divide here! Meaning North American vs East European.

I wonder if there is a chance the positive and more lighthearted and fun kovbasa connotations can eclipse the negative ones?

That would be cool if it did, eh? ;-)

Anonymous said...

There is one "cool" kovbasa connotation: you take 200 g of kovbasa -- and I mean lean sausage -- and cut it up, also cut up 100-150 g of fatback, put this on a hot frying pan along with rings of onion and fry it on small fire until brown. At the same time you bake 4-5 unpeeled potatoes, then peel them, cut them in halves and mix them with the kovbasa-fat-back-onion-rings. Before that you take sauerkraut, cut up an onion head, mix it, add some olive oil and a bit of sugar, put it in the fridge and let it cool for an hour. Serve it with the potato mix and a couple of fingers of ice-cold vodka. Now that's what I would call "cool kovbasa"!

Pawlina said...

OMG that sounds so delicious!

(I presume the "fat-back" your refer to is the same thing as salo?)

Can I give your recipe to Sylvia to share with Nash Holos listeners on the Ukrainian Food Flair segment? If so, is there a name for this incredible-sounding dish?

Pawlina said...

Actually, never mind! I think a great name for the recipe would be just what you called it ... "Cool Kovbasa"!

So if that's ok with you, we'll go with it!

BTW, if you are willing to reveal your identity to me privately, I'd love to credit you for the recipe on the radio and in the cookbook Sylvia and I keep threatening to put out one day. If not, then at least the city or town it (or you) originated from? (Pretty please...??)

Email: producer[at]nasholos[dot]com (unless you already have my personal one, in which case use that one).

Hrytsko said...

Hi, Paulette:
I would be happy if you quoted me as "Hrytsko from Kyiv" if this is OK by you.
Also, could you please send a recording of that cooking program on your radio? I would appreciate it very much.

Hrytsko said...

And yes, fatback is the only English equivalent of "salo"

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