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Monday, October 15, 2007

Why not call it the Nobel PR prize?

The Wall Street Journal has published an op-ed with a very well thought out list of people who were passed over for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

Included in this list of much worthier candidates are the presidents of the countries in which the Orange and Rose revolutions took place. Those were peaceful revolutions unprecedented in history. But, that didn't sufficiently impress the judges.

Since there is only one award given per year, you'd think they might consider people who have risked their lives or been imprisoned in their efforts to promote peace and basic human rights.

But no. This year's recipient goes to a media hound who has been (IMO accurately) described as a self-aggrandizing huckster who wastes more energy in a day than the average working stiff will in a year.

Sure, it's important (critical, even) to cut down on GHG emissions and other forms of pollution and waste. No argument whatsoever there. But that calls for action that is a tad more meaningful and self-sacrificial than watching (or creating) a slick Hollywood movie riddled with scientific inaccuracies and then joining the PR committee of the movie star's fan club.

There are people in the world who truly walk the walk and actually work for peace, rather than run a self-serving PR campaign based on a popular cause célèbre.

The WSJ has listed some of them here.

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