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Monday, November 26, 2007

Vancouver audio archives updated to Nov 25

Audio archives for Nash Holos are now available on the Nash Holos website.

  • On Ukrainian Food Flair, Sylvia Pidraziuk Molnar shares a recipe for Christmas Honey Cake. (Get it here.)
  • On Travel Tips for Ukraine and Eastern Europe, Myrna Arychuk of Solaway Travel shares the splendours of Pyryhova, an outdoor museum near Kyiv.
  • On A Spiritual Moment (Із Духові Твоєму), Fr. Bruce Power reflects on the Holodomor.
  • As usual, the Proverb of the Week and other items of interest to the Ukrainian community in the Lower Mainland ... and beyond.
  • And of course, plenty of Great Ukrainian Music... This week's program honours the memory of those who perished in the Holodomor, and the survivors who for a lifetime have carried memories of that horror. Featuring two new songs dedicated to the Holodomor, by Vasyl Kavun (Ukraine) and Stepan Pasisznyk (London), and Ukrainian President Victor Yuschenko's letter to Ukrainians, read in both Ukrainian and English.
  • Nash Holos Ukrainian Language School re-opens next week.

The Nov. 25 broadcast of Chetverta Khvylia is now also in the audio archives.

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