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Monday, December 03, 2007

My Excellent Edmonton Adventure - Part V: Mundare

If you're going to go to East Central Alberta for a Ukrainian experience, you will not want to miss out on Mundare.

Mundare is home to many interesting things, not least of all a giant kubasa monument and the source of this brainchild, Stawnichy's Meat Processing plant. (I bought 3 rings of kubasa in the deli!)

It is also home to the Basilian Fathers Museum, an indoor museum which was thankfully warm as well as fascinating. To do it justice, I suggest spending at least half a day there to browse through all the displays and illustrated accounts of pioneer, village, and church life.

For a great Ukrainian meal, I heartily recommend M&M's Kozy Kitchen. It is an adorable restaurant with that legendary small-town hospitality and character. There is every possibility you will strike up a conversation with a colourful local and get some very interesting insights into Alberta politics, the oil industry, the weather, and everyday life. When you do go there, say hi to Margaret and Marlene from me!

And only in a place like Mundare can you see a window etched with "Western and Ukrainian Cuisine" and a sign plunked in the middle of the street (not the sidewalk, the street!) announcing the day's dinner special!

I kid you not. (The special this day was Prime Rib.)

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Vasyl Pawlowsky said...

Well that was some adventure! Interesting enough Mundare became a topic of conversation last night. It turns out that Father Joesaphat Jean a French Canadian Roman Catholic priest, had changed over to the Basilian Order, left many of his personal possession with the museum.

Father Jean was a fascinating man, who played many important roles within the Ukrainian community both in Canada and in Ukraine. He acted as an interpreter at the turn of the last century for the fledgling Ukrainian independent nation, when the language of diplomacy was French. And he also played major role in putting a stop to the repatriation of individuals to the Soviet Union, together with Eleanor Roosevelt.

A member of our Kyiv Multinational Rotary Club Lubomyr Markevych was christened by him, and Father Jean married Lubomyr's parents.

Amongst one of the interesting items at the museum is a pistol which once belonged to Louis Riel according to Lubomyr.

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