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Monday, January 14, 2008

For visitors to Ukraine ...

Ukrainian Guide is a site I just discovered (thanks to a comment left by Tania on an earlier post).

It has some very nice articles about Ukraine ... all kinds of things like places to see, history, cuisine, city profiles, customs.

I'm not crazy about that "Ukrainian girls" link, tho. I suspect that, unbeknowst to the average citizen, such sites are run mostly by odious human traffickers. (...are there any other kind?) And I find it obscene to advertise, however inadvertently, for thugs profitting from the misery of Ukrainian women and girls whose dreams of a better life blinded them to the danger they represent.

But, I digress! Hopefully that distasteful link will disappear soon, as otherwise it's quite a good site with excellent content and gorgeous photos. Check it out!


Taras said...

One of the poorest countries in Europe. Lots of destitute ladies.

What more can a Western playboy wish for? Welcome to the Thailand of Europe.

I don't think the link will disappear anytime soon. It's part of the travel business.

Pawlina said...

Part of the travel busines? How disgusting.

And how sad that those involved in Ukraine's tourism industry don't comprehend that sleaze has only a temporary payoff... and that it in fact retards genuine progress.

But as is typical for those blinded by corporate greed, genuine progress to the benefit of civic society is much less a motivator than short-term, immediate and personal gain.

No, I don't really expect that link to disappear. But, you know me. Hope springs eternal.

Taras said...

They don't care about progress. They put short-term profits first, and by doing so they actually make "short-term" last "long-term."

And as far as I know, the English-speaking print media in Kyiv devotes (or used to devote) quite a bit of space to escort service ads.

Pawlina said...

That's what I meant about retarding progress. And so yes, of course they don't care about progess. They are so bovine.

So when are some sharp Ukrainian cookies going to take the reins away, hmmm??? ;-)

Taras said...

Judging by the way the cookie crumbles in Ukraine, I'd say it's decades down the road...

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