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Monday, January 28, 2008

Monopoly vote update - Jan 29

Current standings (at 11:16 PST today) in the top 20 cities votes for the new global version of Monopoly (go here for the full list):

#1 - Paris
#2 - London
#3 - New York
#6 - Montreal
#13 - Vancouver
#19 - Toronto
#23 - Kyiv (they've fixed the spelling... kudos!)
#24 - Moscow
#25 - Istanbul
#28 - Jerusalem
#29 - Vienna

Kyiv is moving up so make sure to continue doing your bit to get it into the top 20, and keep it there! Go here to vote.


pumpernickel said...

Please keep encouraging people to, as they say in Cape Breton, "Vote early, vote often."

Pawlina said...

Yes, apparently it had moved up to #16, although reports are the Chinese are hot on our tail!

I hope you're voting.. ;-)

Vasyl Pawlowsky said...

We have slipped since last Friday. We are now in 14th place, we were in fact up at 10th place.

Apparently there was a lot of Ukrainian Bashing at the Nuremberg Toy Fair which was attended by by my friend Dirk Lustig, the man you designed the Ukrainian version of Monopoly. He text messaged me from the Toy Fair and said Ukrainians were be called cheaters.

Over the weekend of the 9-10th of February, 2008, the mayors of Istanbul and Jerusalem did a PR campaign regarding the shoddy standing of their cities...

Jerusalem and Istanbul, and even Riga, the capital of Latvia, with an estimated population of 2,259,810 in July of last year, has moved ahead of Kyiv.

We have to keep on getting people to vote and vote often and every day.

Pawlina said...

It's very interesting to see those cities suddenly move into the top 10.

Obviously, from what you say about the Nuremberg Toy Fair, a concerted effort has been made to bump up the votes for them.

Kind of reminiscent of rigged elections in real life, eh?

Still, I'll do my part to keep Kyiv up there.

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