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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Good news for radio fans!

According to a business magazine report (here), radio is one of the hottest new gadgets for 2008.

Believe it or not!

Here's what it says:

Get ready for what has got to be the all-time greatest sleeper of a tech trend: Radios, I kid you not, are making a comeback in 2008.

And we're not talking iPod-like portable thingies, but big, expensive desktop radios. Mark my words, they'll be downright cool in the coming year. ...

The desktop radio is being seen as an early beachhead in the home networking wars," says Edward Valdez, president of Parrot ... "Home networking has been difficult to explain to the market. So the radio is seen as a form factor that the market can understand." ...

Radios are feeling a strange brand of love radiated by the public's growing hatred for complex electronics. Innovative new models take full note of consumer distaste for too many features and difficult-to-operate equipment. ...

Well, put that way, it's not so hard to believe after all!

Full article here (quite technical).

H/T: Radio 2020 (not so technical).

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