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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Vancouver audio archives updated to Feb. 24

Audio archives of last Sunday's program are now available at the Nash Holos website.

On Ukrainian Food Flair, a uniquely delicious recipe for cottage cheese patties. On Travel Tips for Ukraine and Eastern Europe, highlights of an upcoming tour to Eastern Europe. Also the Proverb of the Week and other items of interest to the Ukrainian community in the Lower Mainland ... and beyond.

And of course, plenty of Great Ukrainian Music from all corners of the globe! CD of the Week: Sounds of Kyiv - Kyiv Chamber Choir.



Stanislav said...

I am sorry again, Pawlina, but I can't find any communication tools here like a forum or contact email... I need some info on moving to Vancouver, what part of city is safe and affordable, Ukrainian bilingual or at least Catholic junior high schools in Vancouver? daycare, etc.

Pawlina said...

Hi Stan,

My contact email is on the Nash Holos website.

Not sure how I can help you plan your move... that's not my area of expertise. Fortunately, most of the info you specified is pretty easy to find once you start seriously looking, but if you want to connect with the Ukrainian community here I can certainly help you out.

Good luck with the move!


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