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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ukrainian wedding video

Does this ever look like fun!

The group is called Hudaki. Would love to get my hands on their music for my program! What a voice, and what great instrumentals.

Their website is here.


Orest said...


They have 9 of their songs available on their website in mp3 format.

I'm sure they would not mind the publicity!

Pawlina said...

Thanks, Orest.

Dan Carkner said...

They are great!! I can't say how much I love their fiddler. I only have their first CD, when I get a bit more disposable income I want to order their other ones.

They also have a blog at

narva99 said...

I also found a link to

Anonymous said...

Help!Can someone tell me how they obtained their CD's? I can't find it anywhere for sale. Thanks, Bohdan

Pawlina said...

Bohdan, I would suggest going to their website and emailing them (the address is on the contact page) with a query as to where/how you can buy one of their CDs.

You might also want to visit Dan Carkner's site and drop him a note asking how/where he got his copy of their first CD.

Good luck!

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