Thursday, February 22, 2007

Film "Harvest of Despair" now on YouTube

Harvest of Despair, the acclaimed documentary film on the Holodomor, the 1932-33 Soviet-engineered Ukrainian famine, is now available on YouTube.

During that year, 25,000 people died of starvation every single day (you do the math for the year) in that "worker's paradise." Not because they couldn't produce enough food to survive, but precisely because they could. And when the government takes all your food away from you, you'll inevitably starve to death.

If you haven't heard of the film or, for that matter, the Holodomor, it's because Stalin's loyal holocaust-denying apologists worked hard to make sure you didn't.

Go here to view the film on YouTube.

To get a copy for yourself, or your school or organization, go here or here.


Vasyl said...

Dear Pawlina,

This is great! Now just a short note, the link you give to YouTube is in fact a link to Google Video...

Pawlina said...

Google bought YouTube last fall ... so it's the "same difference." ;-)

pumpernickel said...


Thank you for this. I posted a chapter from Vassily Grossman's "Forever Flowing" the other day, but the images in the film are...stupefying.

I have cross posted and linked back to your site.

I just watched the film again in horror. Vichnaya yim pamyat.


Pawlina said...

Thanks, pumpernickel. It is hard to watch this film, but you are right that we need to remember and honour the memory of those who perished.

Stepan said...

Just a side note, Google bough You Tube, not You Tube bought Google, so either way it would be considered Google Video.


This is a great film. It's not the best quality, but it has a lot of facts. Thanks.

Pawlina said...

I think the quality may be an internet technology issue. Seems to me when I saw the film on TV back in the 1980s the quality was up to standard.

At any rate, as you noted, the important thing is the content. May we never forget.