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Monday, April 03, 2006

Business strategies of big radio

If you want to be a big player in the media, one way to do it is to just buy a radio station.

The New York Times reports that ... two of the founders of liberal-leaning Air America Radio, are looking to buy radio stations.

The duo ... began thinking about ownership last fall when Communicom Broadcasting bought the Phoenix station that aired Air America and changed the format to religious programming.

Yep, in this business, payola gets you further than just putting out a superior program. Heaven forbid letting the market (listeners) determine your success.

... according to sources familiar with the matter, four major radio group owners have been in talks with the FCC. The topic: settling the investigation into secret payments made in exchange for airplay.

Then again, you can always try throwing a tantrum.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Howard Stern says, “It’s insulting to me” that more of his terrestrial radio fans haven’t followed him to Sirius Satellite Radio.

Keep in mind that it may only work if you're promoted by big money and become a really big star...

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