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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Edmonton boosts fesival funding

An article in the Edmonton Sun illustrates how that city's municipal government really appreciates the kind of activities that interest citizens.

[Edmonton has just made a] three-year, $1.2-million investment into Edmonton arts and tourism as part of the Edmonton Festival City in a Box program. ... The funding will be divided equally between event attraction and grant programs. Edmonton's more than 30 festivals will be eligible to apply for enhanced operational, mentoring and consulting grants.

And here in Vancouver they stopped the meagre funding (about $5000) of the Greek Festival, putting the Greek community in the same boat the Ukrainians have always been in when it comes to public support.

Lotusland could learn a lesson from Edmonton. So could any number of Canadian cities.

Of course, this is a city that has a daily Ukrainian radio show and a weekly Zabava program ... we in Vancouver can only dream of such luxury. But, there's always the internet!

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