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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

TV viewers in Zaporizhye learn about passover

Here's a nice article about quality TV programming in Ukraine in a Jewish-Ukrainian publication. (You'll have to overlook the transliteration of Ukrainian names from Russian, as most Jews in Ukraine speak Russian rather than Ukrainian. Accordingly, their English-language publications would reflect that.)

In the eastern Ukrainian region of Zaporozhye, a TV program was broadcast by the local TV-5 Channel profiling the holiday of Passover. The show featured participation by the region's Chief Rabbi , Nochum Erentroy, and the Head of FJC Ukraine Press Service, Oleg Rostovtsev.

On air at the leading channel in morning TV programming in Zaporozhye, this Passover message ... reached tens of thousands of local residents.

During the live broadcast, Rabbi Erentroy told TV viewers about the traditions of Passover, which were formed many thousands year ago. He [explained] the rules of a Passover Seder, the meaning of keara, told about the reading of the Haggadah, the four glasses of wine and other important aspects of this holiday.

Oleg Rostovtsev ... told how the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine has done everything possible for Jews across Ukraine to enjoy a kosher Passover celebration.

Wouldn't it be nice to see programming like this on a "leading channel" in North America? Sadly, even the CBC spurns this kind of positive programming.

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