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Saturday, April 29, 2006

More Ukrainian TV and radio online

A loyal listener to Nash Holos online recently emailed me about a couple of recent discoveries he's made on the Internet ... free Ukrainian TV and music!

... I watched Easter sunrise liturgy at St. Volodymyr's Cathedral. President and Katherine Yushchenko were there. Metropolitan Filaret walked around the church three times with Viktor along side him. They even allowed cameras behind the iconostas. Filaret made four robe changes (gold, green, blue and red). ... After St. Volodymyr's I was wisked over to the Pecherska Lavra. This is run by Moscow still. Much smaller in scope, but the gold-leaf on the iconostas was exquisite! The Metropolitan gave out red pysanky to the front row standees as he tip-toed around all the Easter baskets on the floor.

To get the television broadcasts do the following:

Hopefully you have a broadband Internet connection to watch free UTR network broadcasts. Go in through your Internet Explorer web browser (it doesn't seem to work for Firefox Mozilla's web browser) to this portal site
. If this link fails enter the address in your "url window."

When the homepage comes up you will see a list of countries on your left. Scroll down the list of countries on the left and click on Ukraine. Another page will come up with a streaming list of stations. UTR network has three of them. I use either the 440k link for UTR Europe or UTRUSA (they're all the same). You must left click on the green kilobyte link to get the webstream.

If you click on the UTR, UTR Europe or UTR USA links to the left of the green kilobyte designation you will get the same UTR Network homepage. I am not sure if you can go to the live webstream from this homepage however. It is written in Ukrainian only.

I have discovered another mp3 webstreaming site for Ukrainian music after I visited Shoutcast and typed in Ukrainian. Go here
or here. (They are one and the same.) When you get to the webpage click on either mp3 160 kb or mp3pro 64kb This should open the webstream for you.

Many thanks to Ronnie B. for this info!

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