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Friday, November 03, 2006

And on it goes

Sometimes you really get tired of it.

This morning I got an email request to write a letter to the editor about this article in The Weekly Online out of Atlanta, GA. I've written hundreds of letters to the editor pointing out the obvious, and many of them have been published. But some days, you just get weary of begging people to do their job properly.

From Russia with Love: Ukrainian Organist Koshuba and Pianist Daughter Perform at Emory's Schwartz Center

... on Nov. 5 at 4 p.m. in the Schwartz Center, Ukrainian concert pianist Viktoriya Koshuba will join her father, Volodymyr, on stage. In this recital, Volodymr performs an organ passacaglia of Dimitri Shostakovich, transcriptions of Tchaikovsky, a work by Borodin, and an organ arrangement of Mussorgsky’s “Great Gate of Kiev!”

OK, Ukrainians are generous people, so they can get away with the title as the composers are Russian, or commonly known as such. But there are limits ...

[Volodymyr] ... once served as pianist for the Kiev State Philharmonic Orchestra. ... In 1988 he was awarded the title “Honored Artist" of the [sic] Ukraine ...

Come on... "the" Ukraine? Still? Sigh.

It boggles the mind that they would give the article such a title, when everything they write about the musicians describes them as Ukrainian. There's not even a mention of them touring Russia!

So typical of journalism these days. Why waste time thinking up an appropriate headline when you can grab something cutesy out of the popular lexicon and get on with churning out more (just barely) passable copy?

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