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Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Telnyuk Sisters on YouTube

Just heard some exciting news about a fabulous musical duo in Ukraine!

After more than a three year absence from Ukraine's musical arena, The Telnyuk Sisters are taking a new approach and pre-empting the release of their 9th album – *About Both Sides of the Sun and the Moon,* with a premiere of their video of their song *Vechirnyk* from the album.

The video is available here.

Since their appearance on the Ukrainian music scene in 1986 the Telnyuk Sisters have been Laureates of the the 1989 and 1991 editions of the Chervona Ruta festivals, were awarded First Prize at the "New Names" National Competition and the Vasyl Stus Award in 1998. They have recorded seven albums: The Magic Span of Time (1991); Halya and Lesya (1994); Silence and Thunder (1998); Concerts in Canada (2000); U.B.N. Songs from the Play (2001); Wind of the Century (2002), Firebirds (2002), and their double disk compilation CD entitled Selected (2005).

"Incorporating elements of Eastern European folk, New Age, and pop/rock into a gorgeous, melancholy, and ultimately defiant mix, this Ukrainian duo is an anomaly both globally and in their own country," says Rostislav Shtyn, principle of DANAPRO Ltd, which since the end of October of this year has been managing the duet. "In a just world, the Telnyuk Sisters would be international pop stars."

If the folks managing the duo is doing it right, they soon might be! This video is the first I've seen (or heard) of the Telnyuk Sisters and they are dynamite! I can't get that song out of my head now ... They deserve to be international stars! As soon as get their music I will be sharing it with Nash Holos listeners.

The Telnyuk Sisters will be doing a mini-promo tour of their album in six Ukrainian cities, starting on December 13th. For more information contact Nazar Stryhun, Director of Media Relations for DANAPRO in Kyiv (380-44) 526-9458.

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