Thursday, November 09, 2006

podcasting for students

This could be a dream come true for students of Ukrainian, be it language, history, music, or whatever ... for home study and/or between camps, classes, etc.

David Aldrich, Bradley Bell and Tim Batzel of the University of Washington have written a paper that looks at an automated podcasting solution for educational use.

Automated Podcasting Solution Expands the Boundaries of the Classroom (PDF) was presented Wednesday in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at the University and College Computing Services (SIGUCCS) 2006 Fall Conference. The paper reviews design considerations for a university podcast solution and also includes a high-level look at the University’s final podcasting architecture.

... Podcasting is being used increasingly in education, especially at the university level ...

Some interesting viewpoints here... ... there's a very lively discussion in the comments section.

Interesting how different people see things differently. What I envision is essentially a cyber-classroom for far-flung students that can't physically be together. Kind of a step beyon the brief residency requirements of some distance ed programs, such as at Royal Roads University in BC.

Speaking from experience, it can be a real struggle to study by correspondence! Podcasts would just enhance the course material by providing an audio component to the written material.

Anyway, I hope that this concept is being considered by Ukrainian educators.

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