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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Resisting progress ...

This article just underscores how unimaginative major record labels have become.

Someone tell 'em that resistance is futile ... ya can't stop progress just because *you* don't feel like changing with the times!

Here at Nash Holos, we're a bit more forward ... we've been on the net for ages, and now we are podcasting "for real" i.e., with an RSS feed, and continue to bring listeners information about the local (Vancouver) and global Ukrainian community, along with plenty of the best Ukrainian music being produced. And there's always lots of new stuff coming out!

Meanwhile, the Luddites continue on their merry way. Oh well. If they really believe that 100,000s of lemmings can't be wrong, let them. It's (still) a free world. ;-)

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