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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Contest tests native-language skills in Ukraine

It will be an uphill struggle for some time yet to revive the Ukrainian language in Ukraine. Still, it's encouraging to see such concerted efforts in Ukraine.

This month, Ukrainians had another chance to take part in an unusual contest -- the sixth nationwide dictation intended to test their knowledge of the Ukrainian language.

As in previous years, it was broadcast on radio and participants were invited to send their transcriptions to the radio's office. Those who were able to successfully avoid all the spelling pitfalls were rewarded with prizes.

... The dictation takes place every year on November 9 to mark Ukraine's annual Language Day. ... The nationwide dictation is part of effort forge a national identity and to bridge the language gap that emerged after the Soviet collapse.

Its title -- 'Dictation Of National Unity' -- could hardly be more explicit.

But the contest's impact so far has been modest, laments Mykhaylo Slaboshpytsky, the director of the League of Ukrainian Patrons -- one of the groups organizing the event.

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