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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ukrainian President meets with diaspora in Estonia

The National Radio Company of Ukraine has a brief report about President Yushchenko's recent meeting with the Ukrainian diaspora in Estonia.

Speaking about the Ukrainian government's cooperation with Ukrainians living abroad, Mr. Yushchenko said he was determined to build closer ties with expatriates and that four hundred programs had been launched in this area so far...

Wonder if he will make it to Canada sometime soon?

Article here.


Anonymous said...

Its a wonder with all the support that Yushchenko received especially financial in Canada that he has not made a state visit. I find this shocking and appalling. Its a wonder his popularity is failing worldwide. Even though I think that he is a one-term President I would still come out and see him if he ever made his way to Toronto.

Anonymous said...

Yushchenko your time is over. Move over Her Highness will take your place

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