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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Perfect Ukrainian cafeteria found

This Kyiv Post article suggests some great, inexpensive Ukrainian eateries in Kyiv... This one in particular sounds like my kind of place!

Puzata Khata’s chain of cafeteria-style restaurants is definitely the best of its kind in Kyiv. ... The chain also makes a noticeable effort to keep everything “Ukrainian”—staff members dress in traditional Ukrainian garb and only speak Ukrainian to customers (even if the customers are speaking Russian), and all the music played has Ukrainian lyrics.

Most importantly- where else can you get a delicious three course meal, including a vinagret salad, borshch and meat-stuffed varenyky for Hr. 14.20?

That's about CAD $3.40 ... pretty amazing price for a meal like that, and Ukrainian music too!

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