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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Oh, those Ukrainians!

Here's Ukraine's entry in the Junior Eurovision contest. Unbelievable talent ... and what a cute kid!

(Thank goodness for the internet! What we'd miss out on if we had to rely only on the regular channels of media distribution.)


Anonymous said...

Yes, the Internet has brought the world closer together, though hadn't it been for Ruslana's win at the Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul, most North American's wouldn't even know about the competition. Except those who followed Celine Dion, and her win for Switzerland at the same contest.

Pawlina said...

No doubt you're right, Vasyl. My friend and colleague who produces the Dutch radio program here in Vancouver gave me a lot of details on Eurovision 2004, which she caught while in Holland. Had it not been for Ruslana, however, she probably wouldn't have mentioned it to me.

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