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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Add your Ukrainian video to UkeTube!

You just had to see this coming...

UkeTube-Українське Відео welcomes all Ukrainian videos from YouTube, MySpace, and the WWW.

UkeTube includes Ukrainian films, documentaries, history lectures, arts/culture, television programmes, music (yeah!), politics, comedy, sports, business, education, academic seminars, festivals, concerts, travels, vignettes, blogs, family events, parties, celebrations, etc. ...

The more Ukrainian videos we can share and watch together the better!

Visit UkeTube here.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for the plug. When I created UkeTube a few months ago, I just posted a few silly clips for Strilka.

For some reason, UkeTube now has over 200 members and 1,700 Ukrainian clips. Ranked by number of videos, UkeTube sits in the top 40 of all YouTube groups.

You might like these gems:

Chervona Ruta - Zinkevych, Yaremchuk, Ivasyuk:

Vodohrai - Smerichka:


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