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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

another scapegoat for Canada

Well, isn't this convenient. According to this article Canada is set to deport a family to Russia because during the Soviet era, the dad did surveillance for the KGB.

Heaven knows I am no fan of the KGB, but this man has not been found guilty of any crime here or elsewhere.

But, this is Canada, so I guess it's inevitable that more of our tax dollars would be squandered on yet another witch hunt.

It apparently doesn't matter whether East Europeans lie to get into Canada (as some are accused of after WWII), or they don't. They still end up as targets for deportation either way.

Meanwhile, drug lords, mass murderers, human traffickers and similar scum enjoy the best our country has to offer, free from worry because Canadian officials and media are too busy harassing harmless senior citizens who have lived productive lives.

Bureaucratic incompetence? Or perhaps that despite over a century of helping to build this country, East Europeans *still* aren't really welcome in Canada?

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