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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tax break for Ukrainian dance students?

According to this article ...

... A fitness tax benefit that kicked in Jan. 1 will allow parents to claim up to $500 in registration fees per child under 16 on their 2007 taxes.

But guidelines on what qualifies for the children's fitness tax break don't go as far as naming activities, leaving organizations that promote sports such as golf and bowling holding their breath. ...

Guidelines released in December stipulate that the activity must occur at least once a week over at least eight weeks ... Memberships in clubs, associations and organizations could also count.

Activities that contribute to cardio-respiratory endurance will be eligible, but the activity also has to contribute to either muscular strength, endurance strength, flexibility or balance.

I wonder if Ukrainian dance would be included. It certainly meets the criteria (at least, the published criteria).

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