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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Look who's taking lessons from Putin

Now that Al Gore is touring Canada and criticizing our government, I understand, truly, how Ukrainians must feel about Vladimir Putin's meddling in their country.

I mean, a former US Vice-President tours Canada to promote his film and uses our government's new environmental policy to get free publicity for it as well as his political agenda.

How convenient.

Now I'm hardly against raising awareness of and finding solutions for global warming. What I am against is hypocrisy... whether it's by grandstanding hypocrites who whip up public hysteria for their own personal gain, or self-serving politicians (and their myopic followers) who have absolutely no interest in changing the status quo.

Solutions to global warming (and all our other social problems) would materialize a lot quicker if politicians, ex-politicians, self-important celebrities, and the rest of us would actually do the unglamorous work of cleaning up their/our own backyards, and never mind about lecturing everyone else ... and interfering in the affairs of sovereign neighbouring countries.

It seems that idea was first floated about 2000 years ago but went over like a lead balloon. Obviously, it's about as popular today.

Little wonder there are swing voters like me around!


Orest said...

Maybe as a sitting member of the Apple Computer (read Apple Inc) and their terrible green policy maybe Al Gore should look in his own backyard. Only environmentally friendly when it fits properly into the agenda. Geez

Pawlina said...

Yeah, it calls to mind that old adage about people who live in glass houses and decide to throw stones ...

It's all very well and good to raise public awareness of an issue, but I suspect Gore is motivated by his ego and his political agenda as much as (if not more than) any genuine concern for the planet. Otherwise, he'd be leading by example.

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