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Monday, April 02, 2007

Update on events in Ukraine

Elections in Ukraine set for May 27. Details here (Ukrainian) and here (English).

Some good analysis of the situation by Pumpernickel here .

For first-hand account by Vasyl in Kyiv, check here.

You can also get fairly recent local TV footage (in Ukrainian) at UkrainaTV. It's a user-pay service but very reasonable and the quality is top-notch. Even if you can't understand what's being said, you know the saying ... a picture is worth 1,000 words.
I expect that, as usual, the Canadian mainstream media, especially CTV, will be leading the johnny-come-lately pack, so don't even bother checking with them until after you see it on CNN or FOX. (Of course, by then, why bother?)


Anonymous said...

??? i am sitting here in Kyiv and find out about this from your website :) way to go!

Vasyl Pawlowsky said...

Hey, last night was kind of crazy. When I got to Maidan there were more journalists there than anyone else.

A journalist friend of mine even got a call from Al Jezeera to contribute to their report on what was going on earlier in the evening.

At about 1:00 this morning I got a text message from a friend of mine in Canada who is a political strategist/consultant asking what to hell was going on.

Well Oleshko, Paulette and I have some common interests, given she works in radio and I used to do reports for Ukrainian Time in Montreal.

Pawlina said...

Hi Olechko,

Happy to be of service! But that's pretty rich irony, eh, if you live in Kyiv and found out about the rallies from this blog? ;-)

Thanks for dropping in! Would love to get your take on events, so do come back. (I couldn't pull up your blog ...)

Pawlina said...

Hi Vasyl,

What a strange situation ... but in a way, more like a revolution, really. After all, the Bolsheviks were a relatively small group and got in the door by splintering the electorate, such as it was back then.

Looking back, the Orange Revolution seems more like a Ukrainian Woodstock than something that could usher in real change. There was just too much bluster and backing down all around.

Interestingly, Yulia said on the stage at Maidan last weekend that the Orange Revolution was only the beginning ... that the stakes are so high that Ukrainians will have to fight a battle royale to reclaim their country.

I think she is absolutely right.

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