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Friday, April 27, 2007

Some just can't let go of "the"

Surely these people haven't been living under a rock since 1991?

1. "Affinia Group Begins Manufacturing in The Ukraine." Press release on their website here.

2. "Flip-flops? Gym shoes? Never in the Ukraine!" Chicago Sun-Times article here.

3. "Ukrainian-Americans ... believe Duranty was a shill for Stalin and turned a blind eye to a horrific famine that Stalin inflicted on the Ukraine. " Mike Pride, new co-chair of the Pulitzer Prize Board.

Could it be that the writers (and editors) responsible, illustrious as they may be, are just poorly educated? (Let's be charitable and assume it's ignorance rather than obstinance.)

In which case ... hopefully someone will send these poor ignorant souls to sites like this and this and this where they can get used to seeing "Ukraine" without a "the" in front of it.

Maybe if they see it often enough, they will start to feel confident enough to boldly write about Ukraine without clinging to that article like a security blanket?

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