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Saturday, August 23, 2008

American MSM journalist the butt of ... her own

One of the main reasons I love the internet is that it offers an opportunity to expose latter-day Walter Duranty wannabes and limit their influence on the unsuspecting reading public.

But I don't imagine everyone is keen on it. Especially American mainstream journalists nostalgic for the good old days of McCarthyism ... and the heyday of yellow journalism.

The title of this article says it all: LATimes Brooks Thinks Russia/Georgia War is Funny

... One wonders how the old Georgian lady seen in news photos standing wounded among the ruins of her apartment building, or the Georgian Mother running down the street, infant in her arms, trying to escape Russian tanks might feel about the humor with which Brooks brings to bear upon their plight?

But, there it is for all to see in Brooks'
"The Cold War, reheated" wherein Brooks puts the funny back in war. It's been too serious for too long for Brooks, apparently. We need the sunny side of ethnic cleansing, brutal invasion, and crushing occupation, don't we? ...

[W]hy in Brooks' eyes is it such a bad thing that we offered NATO membership to the nascent democratic countries in the formerly Soviet satellite areas? Does she not realize we floated the same offer to Russia? Should not democracies attempt to stick together, assist each other, support each other?

Full story with comments here. It's a great example of how a clear thinker and skilled writer can totally debunk the propaganda peddled by totalitarianism's "useful idiots" on a regular basis.

It's also funny to see an exposé on how inept the MSM has become at true satire. Might be that effective satire requires somewhat more skill and sophistication than mere proselytization of a bankrupt ideology.

H/T to NewsBusters.

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