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Friday, August 22, 2008

Massacre of Cossacks at Lienz

I just found out about the Massacre of Cossacks at Lienz, from my awesome writing mentor, Marsha Skrypuch.

On the one hand, I am thankful she shared it. On the other, I almost wish she didn't. What a heart-breaking and stomach-turning account of a shameful moment in history.

... the Cossack Corps of General Domanov, consisting of about 28,000 persons, including women and children, on leaving Italian territory in early May 1945, crossed over the mountain pass into Austria and set up camp in the valley of the river Drau.

The Staff of the Cossacks and a part of the administrative units were billeted within the city limits of the town of Lienz. The Cossack regiments (disarmed) camped on adjoining territory in tents, while the noncombatants, the aged, the women and children, found quarters in the camp Peggetz, about two miles outside the city.

The attitude of the British authorities towards the Cossacks was quite beyond reproach and even benevolent up to May 26th, and there was nothing to indicate the impending catastrophe. ...

The next day, May 27th, at about 10:00 A.M., the British ordered all officers to turn in their pistols which, so far, they had been permitted to keep. ...

On the morning of May 28th all officers, military officials, and medics were ordered to report at 1:00 P.M. to the square before the Staff billets, to be moved in trucks according to directives from the British General. ...

Twenty-four hours later, all these unfortunate prisoners were transported into the Soviet Zone and were handed over to the Soviets. Only five persons were able to escape by a miracle. Numerous camp inmates had committed suicide, numerous others were killed by the guards while attempting an escape, while some had been executed on the way to the Soviet Zone, and it is unknown to this day exactly how many reached the Soviet Union.

You can read the details (if you think you can stomach them) here.

What a proud [not!] moment in history for the WWII allies.

And then the Cold War came as a surprise to the west? And now, everyone is shocked at Russians drunk on oil and power, waging war on its neighbours, and sabre-rattling with impunity?

Makes you marvel at the depth of human stupidity.


Laura said...

As a writer (3 books published in disks,2 articles on history and literary critics in the USA) I do all possible to tell my students and colleques the truth about our cossack martyrs in Lientz and I pray to them as warriors-new martyrs. Please contact me,I work in Moscow at a children centre. We wish to contact German veterans of 15 cav.corpus commanded by our ataman Helmut Von Pannvitz. Some of them are still alive. In 1991 I met in Moscow and made friends with Dc Hampel-a German SS veteran. I am a mother of 3 sons. Live and work in Moscow. Let Christ bless all telling the truth! My name is Laura Umnova (Valova) E-m is:
tel/ 89162792641

Laura said...

I'd like to send you my photo and to invite you to our centre to lecture over this tragedy in Moscow.
Truly yours, Laura Umnova

Pawlina said...

Thank you, Laura, for your comments and your invitation.

I am not by any means an expert on the massacre at Lienz, so I've informed others more knowledgeable than I on the topic of your interest.

Are your books and articles accessible online, or in the North American library system?

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