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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Google Ads - Update

Well, since my original post about my Google Ad frustrations, looks like there's been a wee bit of progress made.

1. I think the ad blocking is working. Altho I am not able to monitor the blog 24/7 it seems those sleazy URLs that I put in my Competitive Ad Filter aren't showing up anymore.

2. Today I actually saw a legitimate, relevant Ukrainian company ad! Yay! It was Yevshan advertising gifts, videos, books, etc. It only took 2 days for a respectable, relevant ad to show up. Wow, what a system.

3. I earned one cent in my first two days with AdSense. I'm not sure what to think about that.

On the one hand, while it may seem a piddly amount, given my learning curve and frustrations (not to mention sticking the ads at the very bottom of the blog) ... and the fact that AdSense is not exactly a big moneymaker for most bloggers (except for the really big-name ones, which I am not, obviously), it is actually quite amazing that I made any money at all.

OTOH, given my complaint and suspicion that the ads (with the happy exception of Yevshan) are mostly likely for flesh peddlers, could that money have been generated by pervs clicking on those ads?

If so, ick. (Although I highly doubt that pervs would be interested in this blog!)

And anyway, it seems I spoke/wrote too soon. I see that the Yevshan ad has now been replaced with "Asian women look for men."

Great placement targetting there, eh?


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