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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lovely Ukraine video

This is a great promotional video of Ukraine:

I noticed some hostile comments on the YouTube site by disgruntled viewers longing for the imperialist "good old days." It's too bad they're so unhappy at being unable to do the impossible ... i.e., turn back the clock. Even if they could, I suspect they would probably still not be happy. (You know that saying – Be careful what you wish for.)

The borders of eastern Europe have been shifting for centuries. Wouldn't it be better if each of us learned as much from history as possible... and shared that knowledge generously and respectfully? I think for inhabitants of Ukraine's neighbouring countries, that would be the best way to honour the glory of their own nations. Not to mention finally put an end to the horrific bloodshed that has accompanied those border shifts over the centuries.

H/T to Academic Dean.

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