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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Ukrainians have a new CD - Diaspora

Now that title I can relate to!

I found out about this CD from Cal Koat. Cal and I go back to the first incarnation of Nash Holos, when it aired in the 1990s on CJVB and he was the program director there. He did a program called "Crossing Cultures" which was the forerunner of World Beat. (Cal's lovely wife, Patricia Fraser, produces the Celtic radio program, Celt in a Twist.)

Recently Cal tweeted about The Ukrainians' new CD, Diaspora, which he got from his buddy Drew Miller at Omnium Recordings. (Cal said he loved it, and that Ukrainian music would figure prominently on the world music scene soon.)

So, of course I had to check it out! There are a few of their earlier CDs in the Nash Holos library, and over the years I've shared more than a few of their tunes with listeners since they first hit the Nash Holos radar screen way back in 1991. And they are all fabulous.

I've just sent away for my copy of Diaspora ... but while we're waiting for it to arrive, have a boo at this video of their title track on YouTube. Enjoy!

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