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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Kubasonics on hold after 15th anniversary celebrations

In 15 years The Kubasonics have gone where few polka bands have gone before.

But then, The Kubasonics are not your average polka band.

Their unique brand of speed-folk incorporates elements of
blues, funk, pop, country, ska, grunge and almost anything else you can imagine layered on top of a solid base of Ukrainian traditional music. And their quirky original material has won them fans around the globe.

Over the past 15 years the group has experienced a wide range of achievements.

They’ve produced four CDs featuring a unique mix of traditional and original music that has been broadcast on four continents, with songs included on a number of prestigious compilations.

They’ve appeared on national radio and TV broadcasts and their music has been incorporated into film scores, educational materials, and even featured on “Hockey Night in Canada.”

They’ve performed in concerts and Festivals across North America and received the Alberta Council for Ukrainian Arts “Innovation in Artistry Award.”

In 2007 they completed a triumphant tour of Ukraine, with performances ranging from the esteemed Kraina Mriy (Dreamland) Festival to club shows and village house parties.

On June 11, 2011 the Kubanonics held their Fifteenth Anniversary & Cryonics Event. It was their last (for a while) show, marking not only an anniversary, but also the end of an era for The Kubasonics.

With leader Brian Cherwick preparing to relocate with his family to St. John’s, Newfoundland, the science of cryonics seemed like the best plan for the group.

Cryonics is low temperature preservation for the purpose of reanimation in the future, and if it’s good enough for Walt Disney, Ted Williams, and Futurama’s Phillip J Fry, The Kubasonics felt it should be good enough for them.

The group is viewing this as just a pause in the Kubasonics continuum, with a future as bright as the achievements they celebrated at their 15th Anniversary Show.

Although they're taking a break from gigging and recording CDs, you will still hear their music from on Nash Holos.

Meanwhile, here's a great video on YouTube:


Stanislav said...

The Kubasonics is a real treasure of Western Canada. Now Brian is relocating to far East... Means end of the band??

The Giants Of The Prairies album is one of best Canadian folk rock albums I've heard.

Pawlina said...

Yes, the Kubs are indeed a national treasure.

From what it looks like, Stan, they're just going on ice for a while and will be back at some point in the future.

Meanwhile, Newfoundlanders have no idea what they are in for!! LOL

Orysia said...

Amazing group. Brian Cherwick is a national treasure. Musicologist, musician, scholar, singer, composer, humourist, good-looking guy -- pure talent.

Pawlina said...

Yes Brian is an amazing, multi-talented guy. Bit of a twisted sense of humour, too, which jsut adds to his charm.

Brian has done some incredible things, not least of all his masters (or PhD?) thesis called "Polkas on the Prairies."

Canada's east coast will never be the same. I am just hoping his next assignment/transfer will be to the west coast!

Stanislav said...

>Meanwhile, Newfoundlanders have no idea what they are in for!!

You are kidding :)

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