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Friday, July 08, 2011

Updated info on Talents of Ukraine tour

The itinerary and other details of the Honored Academic Song and Dance Company of Ukraine "Donbas" 2011 Canadian tour are now available at the Boen Performing Arts website.

You can find an overview of the group and a video in
an earlier post on this blog, and full concert details at the Boen Arts website.

Looks like they'll be kicking off the tour in Vancouver, as they did with last year's Virsky tour.

For some reason, some of the venues (or maybe it's the ticket sellers) have called it "Talents of The Ukraine." Sigh. What will it take to get people to leave off the redundant "the"??

As of 1991, the name of the country is Ukraine. There is no "the" in front of it ... like with most countries. You never see The Canada, The Russia or The Holland ... although you do see The Netherlands... which is correct. It seems for some it's still too hard to get with the times and drop that "the" in front of Ukraine.

Oh well, maybe some day.

In the meantime, here's a quick list of the stops and venues of this year's Talents of Ukraine tour::

Tuesday October 11: Vancouver Center of the Performing Arts

Wednesday October 12: Vernon & District Performing Arts Centre

Friday October 14: Edmonton Jubilee Auditorium

Saturday October 15: Calgary Airdrie Bert Church Theatre

Sunday October 16: Regina Conexus Art Centre

Monday October 17: Saskatoon Art & Convention Centre

Tuesday October 18: Yorkton Regional High School Anne Portnuff Theatre

Wednesday October 19: Winnipeg Pantages Playhouse Theatre

Thursday October 20: Thunder Bay Community Auditorium

Sunday October 23: Mississauga Living Centre, Hammerson Hall

Monday October 24: Ottawa Cenre Point Theatre

Tuesday October 25: Montreal Centre Pierre Peladeau

More details as they arrive!

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