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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Canadians shooting Klezmer film in Ukraine

The Socalled King of Klezmer is a film project being developed by Montreal based documentary filmmaker Garry Beitel of Beitel/Lazar Productions and the National Film Board of Canada.

They are getting ready to embark on a journey, a cruise even, to make a film about Josh Dolgin, aka. Socalled, the young, eclectic, and talented musician who through his love and creation of hip hop, discovered a whole new world of mixing possibilities with traditional Klezmer music, and his own diverse musical influences.

The "Socalled" King of Klezmer, directed by Garry Beitel, begins on a trip down the Dneiper River in Ukraine, on the Dneiper Princess cruise ship, aboard the first ever Klezmer Cruise, that will have other talented Klezmer musicians, and enthusiasts who are also re-discovering their Jewish history and roots, and getting a taste of the Ukrainian culture.

To date, video posts by the production crew include such titles as: Arriving in Kyiv, Klezmer cruise jam session, concert in Kyiv, cossacks and choir, and Sevastopol and Socalled. The group encourages reader interaction, tips, and posting on their blog (here).

Thanks to Irena Bell, producer of the Ukrainian program in Ottawa, for this tip!


UkeTube Ukrainian Video said...

Hi Pawlina,

This might interest you:


Pawlina said...

Thanks, Bill ... very interesting!

Makes me wonder when the NFB will commission a documentary about the Canadians of Ukrainian ancestry who flock to Ukraine to experience the indigenous folk traditions of their ancestors, particularly in the villages.

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