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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ukie shindig in New Jersey

Oh my, this looks like a ton of fun!

On Sat. June 9, 2007 the Ukrainian Cultural Center in cooperation with [other kind and generous folks] will host the inaugural Ukrainian Day in New Jersey.

This event will feature a festive dinner of traditional food and drink, and performances by Otaman Karpat IVAN POPOVICH; Violin Virtuoso VASYL POPADIUK from Canada; award winning singer and performer from Ukraine, LUDMILA FESENKO; dance ensembles Yunist and Barvinok from NY and NJ; fashion show by GALIT COUTURE. Dance the evening away to the melodies of popular band VIDLUNNIA. ...

To top off the festivities, the SECOND UKRAINIAN VARENYK EATING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP will be held, with the Champions of Canada and Ukraine participating. ...

Since this will be the first event of its kind in the State of New Jersey, TV-1- the premiere television broadcasting company throughout Ukraine – will be present, along with other American, Ukrainian and Russian press from local newspapers, radio and television stations.

Unfortunately, that won't include me as a trip to the other side of the continent isn't in the Nash Holos budget, but we wish the organizers best of success and "Mnohaya Lita!" in this inaugural bash, and many more to come.


Anonymous said...

One week ago the first “Blog-Carnival Russian media” was started. Today already eight articles are registered - but all these articles are from German or Swiss based authors. Where are the authors of English Russia-Blogs?

More informations about the ”Blog-Carnival Russian media”

Pawlina said...

Thanks for your comment, even tho it is off-topic.

I do, however, appreciate your frustration. It's the same problem in the English-language Ukrainian blogosphere.

I suspect the scarcity of blogs and bloggers on Eastern European matters has less to do with technology than with technique.

You'll notice how the big media companies are really taking to the internet these days. It didn't take them long to adapt and adopt the technology, did it?

They, however, already know how to communicate because before the internet, they'd been controlling the communications technology. In rather short order, they realized that the 'Net' is just another tool to do what they already do.

The rest of us minions not only have to learn the new technology, but also the old techniques ("marketing" if you will) of mass communication.

Good luck with your blog-carnival! Hopefully it will help spread awareness of the new technological communications opportunity ... and maybe even a bit of knowlege on the best techniques to use it.

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