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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pop from Ukraine - Charity from Austria

EastBeat is an intriguing musical and charitable collaboration between Austria and Ukraine.

The project involves a compilation CD of some very big name Ukrainian artists, with proceeds of CD sales going to the Kherson Children's Hospital. Names like Mandry, Iryna Bilyk, Okean Elzy, and others.

H/T to Vasyl at his uamuzik blog for this info. Vasyl, not surprising, played a significant role in this project. Get all the details here.

EastBeat's website is here and there's a permanent link on this blog. Expect to hear and read more about this in the future!


Vasyl Pawlowsky said...

Hi Pawlina,

Thanks for the plug for Fritz's project. I think if we all pull together on initiatives such as this one we can move not only Ukraine, but the entire earth as well.

Pawlina said...

You're absolutely right, Vasyl!

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