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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

TV ratings farce exposed

One can only hope there will be more exposés like this on the TV ratings farce that is used to sell advertising.

The story is pretty much the same for radio. Ethnic programs aren't even included in ratings sweeps. Hence ethnic programming is marginalized and programs like Nash Holos are limited to an hour or so a week ... and even then, they're there for the most part only because the CRTC says so.

If the media beancounter types had their way, programs like ours wouldn't exist at all. No matter that our audiences are loyal to the extreme. The problem for the beancounters in the ad agencies and media exec suites seems to be that these audiences can't be measured in a way they (the beancounters) understand.

It's so much easier and cost-effective (read: cheaper in the short run, to hell with the long run) to measure quantity than quality, regardless how farcical the process has become.

Any wonder there's a technological revolution going on?

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