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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Exciting discovery on the Ukrainian music scene

Now this group speaks my language! And I don't just mean that their Canadian-born violinist, Marczyk, speaks English with the same accent that I do. :-)

I've waited a long time to hear music as well as sentiments like this expressed by young Ukrainians. There is such a great undiscovered wealth in Ukrainian folk music, and I've been bitterly disappointed that Ukraine's music industry has failed to mine the country's "acres of diamonds" that this incredible music represents.

The amazing folk band Ludy Dobri from Lviv has the vision and the moxy to explore and excel at this genre which, in a desperate quest to copy commercial crap, many producers as well as consumers of contemporary Ukrainian music overlook and undervalue. I sincerely hope this group's tour of eastern Canada (Ontario) is part of a new trend in commercial music.

Liudy Dobri is:
Yura - Vocals, Tsymbaly (Hammer Dulcimer)
Vova - Cello
Stas - Buxhalo, Percussion
Marczyk - Violin
Marek - Violin
Rostyk - Bouzouki

You can find out more about Ludy Dobri here, their Canadian tour, and sample some of the tunes from their new CD. I'd love a copy (and purchase details) to share with listeners of Nash Holos. Hopefully one will arrive soon.

In the meantime I'm able to share with you, my dear readers, these great videos, courtesy UkeTube. :-)


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