Thursday, September 03, 2009

Mlada - exciting young artist from Ukraine

When I went to Mlada's website to get the link to her website for this post, I was suprised and utterly delighted to find that she has released a whole new album.

I'll always remember the story of how I lucked out in learning about this fabulous young singer. Vasyl, author of the wonderful UAMuzik blog, mentioned that he was out and about somewhere, and as he was getting off (or on?) a bus, this young girl came and thrust a CD in his hand. From there, he generously shared what info he had on her, including her website.

Unfortunately, the tracks for this album are samples rather than the full tracks, but with any luck I'll eventually get my hands on a copy. In which case I'll let you know where you can get one too. Stay tuned!

This song has received a fair bit of airplay on Nash Holos. It was last featured on the August 30, 2009 broadcast.


Vasyl said...

Pawlina, I was actually getting on a bus to go to an Ochertyaniy Kit CD launch on Trukhaniv Island when I met Mlada. Though it wasn't until the banquet after the presentation that she handed me her CD and we got to know one another.

Pawlina said...

Ah, got those details mixed up ... but still very glad that you told me about Mlada. Love her stuff! Next time you see her, see if you can get me a copy of her 2nd CD. :-)