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Friday, July 14, 2006

Here we go again...

I find it hard to imagine a situation where journalists would have to appeal to a political party to behave like intelligent people rather than mindless thugs.

Yet Ukrainian journalists recently did just that, issuing an open letter of appeal to Ukraine's Party of Regions.

On July 12, at around 12 PM, a group of supporters of the Party of Regions, together with the deputy Oleg Kalashnikov, attacked Marharyta Sytnyk, a journalist from the TV station STB, and Volodymyr Novosad, the operator.

What does it take to get the foreigners to leave Ukraine, and rid the country of homegrown Benedict Arnolds?

What brave souls those journalists are. If this keeps up, I imagine Ukraine's ranking for media freedom will drop back again in the next survey.


Anonymous said...

Aussiegirl said:

Oh, boy -- it's disgusting, isn't it? And to think these criminals are going to be back in power again. It makes you want to weep. I can't even bring myself to post much about what is going on in Ukraine. It's just too depressing after the highs of the Orange Revolution.

Pawlina said...

Well I guess we can only hope for the best.

It's been said that democracy is messy, and Ukraine is, after all, still an "emerging" democracy.

At least there is contact now with the West, and the Orange Revolution did help boost the confidence of the people.

This latest political imbroglio may give them a bit of a setback, but it won't completely destroy their newfound confidence. The Ukrainian people are amazingly resilient!

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