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Thursday, July 06, 2006

zero tolerance - a necessary extreme

According to this article, two veteran broadcasters in Tampa were fired over on-air profanity.

It wasn't intended to go to air, but the mic was on...

It's too bad for them that, like so many others in the media, they don't realize that media people are held to a higher standard.

Perhaps if they had tried harder to maintain that standard, they would still have their jobs.

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Anonymous said...

And yet a former Prime Minister of Canada could say the "F" word in Parliament of Canada and it was represented as "fuddle duddle". He kept his job. -- well for a while. :)

The problem is in the media itself there is a double standard. It depends whether the media reflects the ownership or the individuals point of view. That is why media consolidation is such an evil to fight as it eliminates the diversity of opinion. That is the real concern.


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